Twitter No Longer Caters to iOS 9 and Lower Version Users

Smartphone apps require updates after every few weeks because the developers either fix bugs from the previous version or introduce new features within the app. Social media apps among others tend to go through more updates than any other app category mainly because billions of users want the app to run smoothly at all times and they look forward to new features.

However, you must have noticed that as the app keeps on updating, it begins eliminating older versions of operating systems for a smoother user experience. This is more common with iOS and hence Twitter no longer runs on iOS 9 or lower versions.

Twitter is a popular social media app so the users on iOS 9 must consider upgrading as soon as possible to continue enjoying the updated app. On a brighter note, Apple users tend to remain updated at all times and less than 5% of total Apple users have iOS9 or less. This means that even after neglecting this segment of people with iOS 9 or less, Twitter is not going to lose a lot of its followers.

Is this a good idea by Twitter?

Regardless of the number of users, Twitter is likely to lose some users as a result of this upgrade. Nevertheless, this is certainly a good step by Twitter firstly because they can introduce the latest features for the app without having to worry about the users of older iOS versions. This makes every bug fix and addition of new features easier for app developers.

Secondly, apart from the fact that over 95% of iOS users upgrade as a newer version rolls out, Twitter claimed that a majority of its 335 million active users according to the second quarter earnings of 2018 are using Twitter on Android. This means that without losing a lot of users, Twitter will be able to provide every user with a smooth app experience. Users tend to upgrade regardless because of the fact that other social media apps like Snapchat and LinkedIn also require iOS 10 or above. So you have to keep up with the pace!