Twitter shows extreme protection by locking millions of accounts

Twitter’s Extra Protection Effort Locks Accounts with Exposed Passwords

In order to make sure that its servers are absolutely protected against any sort of hack, Twitter says that it has cross-checked all accounts that have been highlighted by the leaked sources and taken necessary measures to ensure complete security.

Due to the recently hacked accounts of some gigantic personalities including Mark Zuckerberg and Katy Perry, Twitter said that it has evaluated millions of accounts for improved protection.

With this, it clearly means that any account with “direct password exposure” has been locked. However, they are notified by emails to reset their passwords.

There is no exact figure to reveal the number of accounts that have been cross-checked, but Twitter told the Wall Street Journal that millions of accounts have been notified.

Now, if Twitter thinks that your account is not fully protected, you might have been notified via email. On the other hand, if the inbox is empty, then you don’t need to get worried 🙂

But, due to some recent hacks resetting your password can turn out to be a mature step.

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