UberPop Led To a Hijacked Uber Car and a Threatened Driver in France

Gone are the days, when people would whistle once and a huge queue of taxis become available in an instant. Now, even if you whistle a dozen of times, you’d rarely be able to find a reliable ride on time. Consequently, you’d either get late or end up paying higher fares for a speedy ride.

However with Uber, finding an available ride near you has never been so easier. Uber is a service that offers a platform where drivers meet riders using a GPS-enabled app. The company was launched in 2009 and has become so popular all over the world that its current worth has reached to a soaring $41 billion mark.

Due to the ever growing success of the company because of its pioneering business model, Uber has now introduced many amazing services like UberChopper that offers a premium ride on a Chopper against a fair price of $3000, UberPool that offers a carpooling service where people find and hitch a ride which is going to the same route as the rider, and the latest UberPop that lets any individual with a four-door car become an Uber driver, i.e., without a permit.

However, the new service has become quite unfavorable for many Uber drivers in the Europe, especially France. A few days back a video uploaded to facebook showed that an angry mob, mainly licensed Taxi drivers, hijacked an Uber Car and threatened the driver to never use this service again, and their reasons was, “We’ve paid €100,000 to be taxi drivers”. They further issued serious threats that if they catch the driver again, they would “split” his head into two.

The company already has it hands full of court wars across the globe, and the recent event has raised even more concerns. The spokesperson of Uber condemned the appalling reaction of the angry taxi drivers, stating that the service doesn’t disregard any Law in France, and that such “despicable” violence will not be tolerated.

Uber has not only directed the anger of many taxi drivers towards its service in France, but the taxi companies all over the world. Last year in 2014, the company was sued by dozens of many taxi companies along with Checker Cab in Philadelphia for “working illegally in the city”, according to Wikipedia feed.