One of the Upcoming Nokia Phones May Have Five Cameras

Nokia has been one of the oldest names in the cell phones market and despite some hardships and brutal competition, it managed to come back after disappearing for some time. As a result of rejecting the option of switching to Android, Nokia faced a serious decline and was eventually acquired by Microsoft. HMD Global, a Finnish company, then bought Nokia and decided to release Android-based phones in the market that sold off really well.

Nokia trying to lead the camera market again

Several years ago, Nokia was a hot topic of discussion when it rolled out Lumia 1020 and 808 PureView with 41 Megapixels camera. At this time, Nokia was ahead of many other brands that dominate the cell phone market today and these models made Nokia popular in the area of cameras.

Now once again, leaked pictures suggest that Nokia is considering to introduce a phone with five rear cameras to be the best in the market. A recent similar launch was by Huawei as P20 pro consists of three cameras supporting 3x optical or 5x hybrid zoom. It is also rumored that LG may roll out a phone with three rear and two front cameras but it still is incomparable to Nokia’s five rear cameras model.

HMD Global acquiring PureView

Another prominent hint of this news to be true is the news of HMD Global acquiring PureView from Microsoft. Yes, PureView might be back soon! Unfortunately, the news does not remain very exciting when we realize that PureView engineers left the company after Nokia was acquired by Microsoft so a new team may not build the same quality.

Nevertheless, Nokia was not the same as before after being acquired by HMD Global but the phones they are introducing never fail to amaze consumers. So there is some hope that PureView will come back better than ever in the new Nokia phones.

If the five camera model is rolled out, Nokia may win a large market segment because phone photography is trending nowadays.