Vibes: Finally a Better Dating App?

Dating has been one of the most common demands in the app stores mainly because it is considered to be a great source of entertainment, especially for the youth. Identifying this as the sweet spot, multiple developers started throwing dating apps in stores and new ones are usually neglected because of this. However, Vibes seem to understand the problem with existing dating apps and has differentiated itself from Tinder, Bumble and others.

The problems with dating apps

A large chunk of dating app users claim that the ratio of their good experiences to bad ones with these apps is awful mainly because of two reasons: people tend to behave differently under semi-anonymity and over text messages and misuse of the app by indulging in cyberbullying or blackmailing.

The basis of Vibes

Vibes is owned and operated by a team of all women who claims respect and authenticity to be the basis of this app. While you might think that every dating app claims to provide a safe space, Vibes seem to take online dating problems very seriously and it seems like they are trying their best to provide you with a great experience.

What is Vibes offering?

First of all, Vibes is eliminating the text messages option completely so the possibility of users falling for fake behavior is minimized. Next, users are required to sign up using their Facebook account and agree to the code of conduct that stresses upon respect for every user and is against being sexually implicit. It also asks if you wish to vibe with users pronounced as him, her or them.

Users then choose featured photos to display and if you match with someone, you are required to record a video of yourself answering the question asked by them. The good part is that the video is pixelated for safety so manners and personality can still be evaluated.

What demonstrates even more safety of this app is the fact that after you receive the first message from anyone, Vibes confirms if you are comfortable with the message or not and takes instant action in case you respond with the latter.

With these features, Vibes is likely to gain a lot of attention and may flourish in the current dating app market!