iPhone 7 will be the Greatest of Its Kind with 3GB of RAM

iPhone 7 is making a buzz all around the world with its incredible features and dynamic appearance. But, one thing that will stand it out from the crowd is its extra gigabyte of RAM.

Yes, that’s right! You’re most likely to experience super-fast functionalities in iPhone 7 which will help Apple re-capture its lost audience. Also, the advancement will make iPhone 7 the most superior of its kind as well.

With such a fantastic upgradation, multitasking will never be a daunting task which is certainly a remarkable achievement of Apple.

So, have you grabbed the latest edition of iPhone? If yes, then we would love to hear from you about its functionalities and user experience.

kawasaki artificial intelligence motorcycle

Kawasaki Developing Artificial Intelligence for Talking Motorcycles

Artificial intelligence in cars is new talk of the town which is being built in the form of Android Auto, CarPlay, allowing drivers to communicate via voice assistance such as Google Now and Siri. But when it comes to motorcycles, there is no one doing it except Kawasaki.

Yes, you’ve heard that right. Kawasaki announced that they are now in the process of developing AI for motorcycles which will certainly bring remarkable achievement in the history of biking.

Kawasaki is calling it the ‘Kanjo Engine’ which has entered into its early stages of development. The company promises that Kanjo Engine will add true class, elegance and personality because users will be able to talk to their bikes in normal language.

Not only this, the system will also help Kawasaki improve the performance of their motorbikes for better user experience as well.

how to stop whatsapp from sharing data with facebook

How You Can Actually Stop Whatsapp from Sharing Your Data with Facebook

One of the most popular messaging apps Whatsapp recently announced that it would start sharing the contact details of users with Facebook which happens to be its parent company.

According to Whatsapp and Facebook, this new policy will certainly help brands enhance their ads and will also help users find friends quite easily.

Whatsapp also said that it will not sell or share your contact details with advertisers. However, if you want to stay away from any type of promotional calls in future, then you’ve still got a chance.

Yes, you’ve heard that right. You can stop Whatsapp from sharing your details with Facebook by following two very easy methods, while the first one has to be attempted before accepting the new service terms.

All you need to do is press the “read more” option instead of clicking “agree”. But somehow, if you’ve already accepted the new terms of services, you don’t need to worry at all because you still have 30 more days to make changes.

For this, go to the setting menu and press the account tab. Once you do, you will be able to uncheck the box reading “Share my account info”. This way, you will actually stop Whatsapp from sharing your data with Facebook.

NFC introduces visa powered payment ring

Payments Now Made Easy Through Visa-Powered Payment Ring

The wait is finally over because the visa-powered contactless payment ring used by the athletes in the Olympics is now available worldwide for everyone.

So, instead of using a contactless credit or debit card to make payments, you can just wave your hand to make the entire process extremely easy and less time consuming.

The primary reason of introducing the visa-powered ring was to improve the payment system for athletes who usually wear pocket-less clothing. But now, the NFC ring allows everyone from any part of the world to pay without swiping the card.

Unlike conventional payment methods which generally use magnetic strip cards, the visa-powered ring uses “tokenization technology” to enhance the sophistication and provide its users with better payment security.

Are you excited to book your order now? Well, you can do it from the official website of NFC ring for $53 and it’s expected to ship around December.

samsung to sell refurbished high-end phones

Samsung Will Start Selling Refurbished High-End Phones

According to Reuters, Samsung is on its way to announce an official refurbished phone program which will possibly be launched by next year. The basic aim of this program is to provide high-end phones like Galaxy S and Galaxy Note to the users who can’t afford to buy the brand new versions.

The program will most probably be hitting the market of USA and South Korea first, but it’s not yet confirmed that when will the customers start availing this incredible opportunity.

But, do you know how a refurbished phone program will certainly give some additional benefit to Samsung in terms of revenue? It’s because the company will be selling the phone twice, once as new, while the second as used. Secondly, the step will also help Samsung regain its market back which it has lost out to Chinese rivals that offer similar functionality phones in comparatively low prices.

Apple Watch to hit the market this year

The Next Apple Watch Won’t Connect to the iPhone Due To Battery Concerns

Apple is expected to launch its most-awaited Apple Watch before the end of this year.  With that saying, Bloomberg has some solid details on what to expect and what not from Apple’s next generation watch.

The new version of Apple Watch will likely to include GPS capabilities to facilitate users with location tracking without the phone. And, it’s probably going to be a big achievement for the company which will certainly leave positive impacts on users. But, a little heart-breaking news is that the watch will still require your phone for most of the times.

The report suggests that Apple was trying to add a full-fledged cellular chip into the watch, so that it could work on its own. But unfortunately, it’s not going to happen this time.

Due to battery concerns this incredible feature will be omitted from the upcoming version of the Apple Watch. Somehow, if the feature would be added, then the battery would have to be compromised a lot and this is what Apple doesn’t want at all.

Although, the ultimate aim of Apple is to separate the Watch and iPhone entirely, but it’s certainly not happening at least this time.

However, the brighter side of the watch is that it focuses on health and fitness tracking which will make it fantastic at calculating the walking and running distances.

Blab, a livestreaming app shuts down

Blab Says Goodbye to All Its Users

Live-streaming app Blab, which was launched in 2015 and grabbed around 4 million users in just a single year has said goodbye to all its users. Shaan Puuri, the CEO of Blab has officially announced with a post on Medium earlier on Friday that the live-streaming app will no more be available for its users.

If you are hearing about Blab for the first time, then you should know that this app has competed with Facebook Live, Twitter’s Periscope and other gigantic media companies astonishingly.

But the question which comes to everyone’s mind is that why Blab chose to shut down?

Despite of incredible response, Blab became a solid victim of a problem that triggers majority of live-streaming apps.

According to the CEO Shaan Puuri, only 10 percent of the total users came back to use the app regularly. However, Puuri is all set to come up with a better product which is going to promise a lot more to its users.

“Blab was great in many ways, but it wasn’t going to be an everyday thing for millions. So we’re kicking down the sandcastle, and re-building it as an ‘always on’ place to hang with friends.”

Obama on Facebook

Facebook New Messenger Bot Allows You to Send Direct Message to President Obama

President Obama is always very keen to connect with the citizens. Therefore, every night he reads ten letters that were sent to him by citizens. But now, the president is no more a stranger on social media as well.

President Obama is making it easier for people to connect with him on the world’s most popular social network.

In a Facebook post today, White House officially announced that people are allowed to send them direct messages via Facebook Messenger just like the way they send messages to their friends.

But wait, it’s to inform you that there are a couple of steps you have to take in order to make sure that your message gets through.

All you need to do is find the White House on Facebook Messenger App just like you find your friends for sending messages. Once you do, a new chat bot will open up and you will be asked to enter your message and confirm your contact.

Now, it all depends on your luck. If your message gets through the President’s batch of ten must-reads, you will certainly be responded in no time.

Facebook rolling out changes to its ads algorithm

Facebook is Giving Its Users More Control Over the Ads They See on the Site

When it comes to online experience, you can’t get rid of advertisements. However, you can reduce the frequency by using a good ad blocker, but it can turn out to be a massive trouble for sites that solely generate revenues by selling ads.

Similar is the case with Facebook, but the world’s most popular social network has figured out a legitimate way to sneak right past your ad blocker. Since the company’s entire revenue is based on running ads, therefore it has brought a considerable change in the way advertisements load for desktop users.

The ultimate goal is pretty simple and obvious. Facebook doesn’t want any user to block its ads whatsoever. But, this change has a positive side as well.

As we all know that Facebook uses our information and browsing history to show the type of ads accordingly. Same way, the social media juggernaut has announced that the users will even have more control over the ads they see from now.

And this is what Andrew Bosworth, Vice president of Ads & Business Platform at Facebook wrote in a blog post. “If you don’t want to see ads about a certain interest like travel or cats, you can remove the interest from your ads preference. We also heard that people want to be able to stop seeing ads from businesses or organizations who have added them to their customer lists, and so we are adding tools that allow people to do this.”

Practically, it’s a mature decision by Facebook which will allow users to only see the ads they are more interest in. The new changes will start rolling out in a couple of days, so its time to say GOODBYE to the ads that used to be the biggest distraction for everyone. 🙂

LG V20-the first android 7.0 nougat smartphone

LG V20, the first Android 7.0 Nougat Smartphone Will Hit the Market on Sept. 6

It seems like LG is on a serious mission to surprise its audience every time. However, this time the company is surprising its fans with the new LG V20 which will hit the market on September 6.

The smartphone is more than what you call a follow-up to the V10 and V20. In fact, it will be the first device to come with Android 7.0 Nougat, something great to cheer for LG smartphone users.

Although LG has yet to disclose many details about the new V20 smartphone, but we all are pretty sure that it will once again come up with dual displays. Moreover, it will certainly be sporting ribbon display at the top for quick app access and notifications.

To dig in more about what the device will offer, see what Juno Cho, president of LG Electronics and Mobile Communications Company has to say:

“We are excited to offer the first phone in the world to feature Nougat out of the box. The LG V20 upgrades and extends its predecessor’s cutting edge multimedia features a step further providing distinctive mobile experience and sets a new standard for premium phone for consumers.”

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