Delphi to test self-driving fleet in Singapore

Delphi is All Set to Test Self-Driving Fleet in Singapore

Others may be talking about it, but it looks likes automotive technology parts supplier Delphi believes in doing.

The company has officially announced the partnership with Singapore to initiate a pilot program for self-driving taxi service. Sound’s absolutely awesome, right?

But, there are a lot of things that you definitely need to know before jumping in an autonomous car next time. Delphi is set to use only three fixed routes for self-driving Audi SQ5s which will cover around 5 miles.

Since the service is just being initiated, therefore a driver will be seen in the car, acting as a lifeguard in case of any emergency. However, once the plan starts working smoothly, no driver will be seen, as the ultimate motive of Delphi is to make the service totally driver-free.

Let’s see what Glen DeVos, vice president of engineering for Delphi has to say about the new self-driving fleet.

“It allows us to demonstrate that we have the complete ecosystem, knowledge and capability, the vehicle, the sensors, the automated software controlling connectivity to the cloud, the management of the fleet, the data and analytics on how the vehicle is performing.”

BlackBerry DTEK50 - first ever touchscreen smartphone

Good News for BlackBerry Lovers As the Company Launches the Most Secure Smartphone

It seems to be a treat for BlackBerry lovers because the company has launched its first ever touch screen smartphone. Not only this, BlackBerry claims it to be the most secure Android phone on the market so far.

“When it comes to security, Android smartphones from BlackBerry are ahead of all other Android smartphones,” BlackBerry said. “Security isn’t something that’s tacked on. It’s fully integrated into the BlackBerry device hardware and OS. BlackBerry sets the bar in incident response and patches management, and brings world-renowned security experts and testing to DTEK50.”

It wouldn’t be right to call DTEK50 a less competitive phone. Although it’s been introduced quite late, but comprises of several unique BB (BlackBerry) tools including rapid security patching and complete encryption assurance which makes this phone a reliable option to buy.

Can’t wait to grab yours?

Go to the BlackBerry’s official website.

Ford to install CarPlay and Android Auto in 2017 models

Ford On Its Way to Install CarPlay and Android Auto in Entire 2017 Models

Ford officially announced that all of its 2017 models: be it a luxury car, light truck, SUV and EV is smartphone-ready.

It means that all the upcoming models of Ford are fully loaded with Sync3 entertainment system and are compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Those who have already bought any of Ford’s 2017 models must be enjoying such an incredible addition. It allows people to access music, maps and messages on their vehicle’s screen. Isn’t that amazing?

And this is what Chuck Gray, Ford’s global director of electrical and electronic systems engineering has to say about the technological implementation.

“We developed one platform –Sync3 – and have been able to quickly offer the technology across our lineup. Customers considering a new vehicle can now choose any 2017 model year Ford car, SUV, light truck or electrified vehicle with Sync3 and be able to access their favorite apps.”

Unlike other automobile companies that offer advance features to limited editions only, Ford is taking a step further and introducing Sync3 to all its 2017 models which is a commendable step towards customer satisfaction.

“Ford is not taking the traditional approach of introducing Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto on a few piecemeal models or as an expensive option on luxury vehicles only,” said Jeffery Hannah from automotive technology research firm SBD.

Swiftkey's new app predicts your next emoji

Swiftkey Launches A New Keyboard that Predicts Your Next Emoji

Microsoft owned company Swiftkey that produces keyboard app has officially launched its new keyboard for Android and iOS. It’s a fantastic app that will help users by predicting best emoji to make their messages and emails more attractive and reader-centric.

Swiftkey’s new app will reduce the effort of finding appropriate emoji for adding a true feel. All a user needs to do is type a word, phrase or sentence, the app will suggest a number of relevant emoji to choose from. It’s as simple as that…

For instance, typing football will suggest you a couple of best suited emoji to bring life and extreme excitement to the text for its reader.

The app basically works by analyzing the context of your conversation and suggests you best of the best emoji to take it to a whole new level.

Swiftkey is not the only company offering automatic emoji predictor. Apple has some serious plans to incorporate such an idea to its iOS 10. Moreover, Google’s Gboard also allows its users to find appropriate emoji related to the type of message.

But, let’s see how people will respond to this new keyboard app by Swiftkey.

Honda develops first hybrid car motor

Honda Finally Develops It’s First Hybrid Car Motor Without Any Rare Earth Metals

Isn’t that great news for Honda lovers?

Honda Motor Co, Japan’s third-largest automaker has co-developed its first hybrid car motor which doesn’t use heavy rare earth metals. And, this is what will make Honda different and unique from its competitors.

The company says that its hybrid engine will certainly reduce its dependency on expensive materials supplied by China.

Instead of relying on rare earth metals, the new motor uses magnets from Daido Steel which cut approx 10 percent cost and are 8 percent lighter than the previous components.

Honda’s first hybrid engine will be launched in the compact Freed Minivan this fall. Moreover, the company also highlighted during the announcement that excluding the rare earth metal will save a great deal of amount. Also, it will open enormous chances for price fluctuation in future.

We wish a very good luck to Honda Motors for such a huge and useful initiative towards customer satisfaction.

Walmart pay has arrived to your town

Great News for Shoppers! Walmart Pay Has Now Arrived in 14 More States

Walmart is moving a step forward towards customers’ satisfaction by introducing its mobile app across 14 more states of the nation.

Now what this app really is?

It’s an app that lets customers pay without any hassle.

Yes, you’ve heard it right…

With such an amazing app you will no longer have to stand in a queue to wait for your turn. All you need to download an app and pay for your purchases with just a tap of the button. Isn’t that quick and simple?

It seems like Walmart is all set to exceed the expectations of its customers through this fast payment service. It simply uses smartphone’s camera to scan a QR code at checkout, which then activates a payment in the app.

The purpose of this mobile payment app has never been to compete with other services because Walmart is not a new store in town. In fact, it’s a multinational retail corporation that has its own identity.

Google Maps to add multiple destinations feature for Android users

Google Maps on Mobile is Adding Multiple Destinations Feature for Android Users

If you’re a frequent user of Google Maps for Mobile, then you might caught in a situation where you’ve wanted to add multiple destinations but couldn’t unfortunately. It’s very sad that this feature has been missing from the app and the desktop version was the only hope to get directions of multiple stops. But, now it seems that the wait is finally over.

Yes, it’s time to say a BIG THANKS to the latest update to Google Maps for Android.

It has started rolling out and you will get to know it once you see a new ‘plus icon’ right below the direction field. With such an incredible feature you can add a check on multiple destinations to get absolute directions.

If you’re using the latest version of Android (version 9.21), then you will soon be able to see this new feature popping up to Google Map for mobile.

American Express teaming up with Facebook to launch Amex Bot

American Express Collaborating With Facebook to Offer Amex Bot

If you’re a true Facebook freak and also proud to be known as the loyal customer of American Express, then this can literally turn out to be an exciting news for you.

American Express has announced Amex Bot, a product that is coming out by teaming up with Facebook to offer its card members convenient and user-friendly ways to keep a check on their purchases and finances.

It’s a remarkable initiative that will allow American Express cardholders to receive real-time notifications about their finances, purchases and card benefits. The cardholders will be able to receive all such information via Facebook messenger, a commendable way towards customer satisfaction.

These messages are not just restricted to update cardholders about the nearest restaurants, but will also send them special recommendations. All in all, the aim of Amex Bot will be to serve the American Express cardholders in best possible manner.

The Amex Bot will likely to be launched in the coming months for U.S consumers, so you better get ready.

Facebook paying celebrities and media companies to use live video streaming service

Facebook Is Paying Media Companies and Celebrities to Make Live Videos

Facebook is all geared up to pay celebrities and media companies such as New York Times and BuzzFeed to boost its live video streaming service.

In recent weeks Facebook has been working out with a lot of celebrities to promote its video streaming option which the company says will turn out to be a huge platform for streaming live videos through smartphones.

And, this is what Fidji Simo the product director in charge of Facebook’s live video push has to say about it: “We’re working with a few partners, and in some of the cases that includes a financial incentive.”

Apart from BuzzFeed and New York Times, media outlets like Mashable, the Huffington Post, Vox Media and CNN have signed contract with Facebook to use its live video streaming service. Not only this, celebrities including Gordon Ramsay, Deepak Chopra, Kevin Hart and Russell Wilson are all set to join hands with Facebook to make videos.

However, BuzzFeed with $3.05 million is considered to be the highest-paid publisher on the list.

Harley Davidson all set to launch electric motorcycles in 2021

Harley Davidson to Launch Its First Electric Motorcycle in 2021

Harley Davidson, a name known for its freedom, class and big beefy V-twin engines will also be recognized for something gigantic in the coming years.

Yes, you heard it absolutely right.

Sean Cummings, Harley’s senior VP during an interview with the Milwaukee Business Journal says that the company is all set to put an incredibly powerful electric motorcycle on the road in next five years.

It’s the same company that built a limited number of LiveWire electric prototypes in 2014. The bikes were showcased in front of the customers and media for test rides, but didn’t earn a positive response.

However, LiveWire’s prototype is a clear indication that the company is really excited and courageous to come up with something different and attention grabbing for the audience.

Unlike LiveWire, Harley is certainly taking it’s time to produce a better powertrain to offer more luxury, freedom and extreme class to its customers.

The specifications and final looks are still unknown and might take a couple of months, but it’s not wrong to say that the company is willing to captivate younger generation through its upcoming electric motorcycles.

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