You Can Now Preorder Your Microsoft’s Surface Pen for $99

Let’s all hear the great news: Preorders for Microsoft’s new Surface Pen are open, which the company announced last month alongside the new Surface Pro. The cost set for the pen is $99. However, for now, it seems that only the platinum version of the pen is available. Moreover, you can’t preorder blue, black or burgundy versions as they are still shown in the “coming soon” section.

Virtually, the pen is lag free as Microsoft reduced lag to 21 milliseconds, and this is where Apple Pencil takes the lead by 1ms. But, the four different color options give Microsoft’s Surface Pen a slight edge and dominance.

Since there is a drastic cut down in lag, therefore the new pen speeds up the inking experience eventually. The new version is double efficient than the previous one, and can also handle tilting, which allows users shade smoothly like they would with a pencil.

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Mobile UX Trends that are Revolutionizing the Word “Design”

Mobile users today are so much difficult to understand. Getting frequent updates on their smartphones related to latest features don’t surprise them at all, which eventually puts a lot of pressure on UX designers and developers to keep bringing remarkable innovations.

Talking about some of the most promising design trends (virtual and augmented reality, conversational interface and motion design), they have been incorporated massively. And, we would definitely see them performing well in the coming years too.

So, let’s take a closer look at these three mobile trends and why they have become extremely popular in just a short span of time.

  • Virtual Augmented Reality

Since smartphones have become efficient in terms of speed, cameras and quality of graphics, therefore virtual reality and augmented reality experiences are booming quite drastically.

The magic of AR and VR is that they allow you to put your users into a multi-sensory environment, where they can have a real-like experience without being there.

  •  Conversational Interface

If something related to UX design is hot, then it is a conversational interface. And, due to native virtual assistants that are built in majority of smartphones, users look more happy and comfortable talking to a bot.

  •  Interface and Motion Design

The time when flash-based design got retired, animation has risen from there and it rapidly become one of the demanding UX trends. There is a Dubai-based agency known as QousQazah, which implements motion design to its clients’ websites and mobile apps in an incredible way. You got to check them out!

Alright! So, this is it. If you have not started using these mobile UX trends yet, then what are you waiting for? Give your users a splendid experience that they can’t get rid of.


Now You Can Create and Order Physical Albums with Google

Google announced a lot of incredible advancements at I/O 2017 last week. And, among all of those amazing announcements, the ability to create and order albums with Google Photos grabbed some considerable attention.

In the past, it was only possible to use this feature through a desktop browser, which was a major drawback. Now, the good news is, Google has updated its Photos app on Android and iOS. It certainly breaks the barrier and allows you to use your smartphone to order a book of your preferred images, which is quite easy to create by using Google’s AI.

If you want to buy softcover albums, then you will have to pay $10. Otherwise, the premium hardcover will cost you $20.

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The Iconic 3310 Becomes Talk of the Town as It Goes on Sale

The world is going crazy and they all have a reason for this. Yes, the rebooted version of iconic Nokia 3310 has gone on sale today.

It’s been nearly 17 years from now the original version made debut, but people still can’t get over its fever. So, let’s dig in deeper to see what you can expect from the newly upgraded version of Nokia 3310.

The rebooted version has two-megapixel camera, and it is compatible with 2.5G connectivity, which certainly means it doesn’t offer unlimited access to the internet. The initial price set for this nostalgic model is £49.99 and its battery claims to offer up to 22 hours of talk time.

Remember, you won’t be able to enjoy all the latest apps on this device, but a fresh version of the classic snake game will be there to assure some sort of entertainment.

“The interest shown for this reimagined classic has been backed up by incredibly strong levels of pre-registration, and we have already sold out of very limited stock online.” Carphone Warehouse’s Andrew Wilson said.

So, what is your take on it?

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A Collaboration Between Mercedes-Benz and Vivint Aims to Power Your Solar Home

Yes, you have heard that right. Mercedes – Benz is teaming up with Vivint Solar, a U.S based company for giving a real tough time to Tesla and other similar companies that work in residential solar energy and storage.

The plan is to make a combined product for homeowners for which Mercedes – Benz Energy will amalgamate 2.5kWh of its energy storage batteries with a Vivint’s rooftop. According to experts, this amount of energy is sufficient to electrify majority of your home’s appliances for almost twenty hours straight. Isn’t that awesome?

And, this is what Boris von Bormann, CEO of Mercedes – Benz Energy Americas said about the project: “As Mercedes – Benz electrifies its vehicle fleet, solar plus storage is essential to enable those vehicles to be powered by clean energy.”

The cost is not going to be the same as it will vary depending on the system. However, a complete 2.5kWh battery system, when paired with a Vivint solar will cost about $5,000. On the other hand, 20kWh home energy storage system comprising of several connected batteries will be priced about $13,000.

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Facebook Now Makes Use of AI to Eradicate the Language Barrier

Facebook prefers its users and keep them on the front-line. And, the company makes every possible effort to prove it right. This time, Facebook is taking a step further by using artificial intelligence to improve language translation efficiency.

It certainly means that Facebook users will not only be seeing videos and posts in their preferred languages, but just anything. Well, it is not going to be an entirely new concept for Facebook because it already translates posts in more than 45 languages. However, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook believes that there is still a lot of work to be done.

Also, Facebook has unveiled its research publicly for developers, so that they can build translation and other relevant tools. Moreover, apart from language translation, this incredible technology could also be used to create chatbots.


If Google Rates Your Site as “Not Secure”, A Big Trouble is Knocking at Your Door

If you own a website, you might have noticed some drastic changes made by Google.

In majority of browsers, prominent notifications pop up that indicate that the site you are visiting is not secure. And, if you are a Chrome user, you get it with a “Not Secure” message on the top.

So, what exactly this thing is all about?

Well, it is a very purposeful change made by Google. The gigantic search engine is now using its influence to offer a completely protected user-experience. Therefore, if your website is not safe to visit according to Google, a user will be informed straightaway.

But, the question is still there. Why Google is taking such steps?

The answer is little complicated but it seems that Google only wants people to visit websites that have high quality security encryption. And to be honest, it is a quite fair decision that is surely going to establish an error-free online experience for users.

Now it raises another very important question that how this problem could be fix.

As a matter of fact, not everyone knows the technicalities of handling these issues. But, there are agencies well-known for enhancing a website’s accessibility. Fuelmybrand is one of them.

You are still not too late. Get in touch with the people who already have a good reputation of managing and securing websites from getting penalized, so that your target audience enjoys a remarkable online experience.


Netflix Deals With iQiyi to Enter the Chinese Market

Netflix dominates the world with its unparalleled streaming content. But, it seems like the journey has become a little easier after the company officially announced a deal with a Chinese firm, iQiyi, to make the streaming content available across the country.

Although Netflix is not going to get full-fledged broadcasting access, but this move will surely help the company mark its presence within the region. A Netflix vice president even said that this collaboration will eventually grow awareness about Netflix and its unique content.

The Chinese market of video content, on the other hand, is already huge and improving with some robust pace. In such circumstances, Netflix would have to face a serious competition to make its way through.

Also, it is still unclear that what content would be distributed in collaboration with iQiyo and when it would be available. So, let’s wait and see how the plan works for Netflix…


Adidas to Sell Shoes Made of Ocean Waste

Adidas is always known for producing top quality and reliable sportswear. But, this time, to honor the Earth day, Adidas has collaborated with Parley, a well-known organization that purposefully works to protect oceans from being polluted.

The good news is, Adidas is coming up with three new models to amaze customers: Ultra Boost, Ultra Boost Uncaged and Ultra Boost X. And, a total of 11 plastic bottles is used for the creation of just one pair of these eco-friendly shoes.

Previously, Adidas released an ocean plastic waste sneaker, but its production has been kept quite limited to introduce the concept. However, this time, the brand is keen to produce at least one million pairs of these shoes by the end of this year.

This is what Mathias Amm, a product category director at Adidas has to say about the latest addition, “The new addition to the Adidas x Parley collection are another step in our journey to creating one million pairs of Ultraboost from up-cycled marine plastic”.


All You Need to Know About Samsung’s Galaxy Book Windows 2-in-1

At MWC (Mobile World Conference), we have been able to see a lot of technological advancements within the smartphone industry. And, this is where Samsung also announced the Galaxy Book Windows 10 2-in-1. Well, it clearly looked like a blunt answer to Microsoft’s Surface Pro line. But, we have not been able to hear any news about Galaxy’s Book release date after that.

Although the specifications of the device seemed superb, but the audience was unclear about its availability. However, now people have a reason to know more about Galaxy Book Windows 2-in-1 because its release date is officially confirmed.

You will be able to get your hands on the LTE model from 21st of April, while the WiFi version will hit the retailers on May 21st. The LTE version basically comes in two sizes, 12-inch and 10.6 inch, therefore the price also varies quite prominently. The model with 12-inch will be available for $1, 300, whereas the one with 10.6 inch for $630.

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