Now You Can Share Any File You Want on WhatsApp

Not many weeks ago, it was all over the internet that WhatsApp will allow users to share any type of file they want through its application. Fortunately, the news has now become a reality. And, it is surely going to be an amazing update for people who use WhatsApp extensively for work.

The update is finally available on both Android and iOS. And, if you have not updated your app yet, do it now. For many years, WhatsApp only allowed its users to share media files such as photos and videos, but in the recent past, the developers made sure that people are able to share documents such as PDFs by adding a support.

With this latest update, it seems that users will have the power to share just about any file on their phones. However, there are some limitations in terms of file size. The maximum size of a file that you can send is 100MB, which certainly means that you shouldn’t expect WhatsApp to allow you share movies or any file bigger than this size.

But with this, there is also good news. WhatsApp won’t compromise the quality of your photos which it used to do in the past. You can now send photos and not worry about the quality because it is never going to get downgraded.