Xiaomi Introduces New Cinema-Quality Mi Laser Projector

When we talk about home theater setups, high-quality projectors have always been the most expensive way to enjoy a quality movie time. But, it seems that a Chinese tech company Xiaomi has solid plans to change the trend with its new cinema-quality Mi Laser Projector.

Xiaomi’s newest addition priced at 9,999 yuan which is quite reasonable as compare to a complete home theater setup and boasts a 150inch display to offer you a tantalizing theater like experience.

The Mi Laser Projector uses LPD 3.0 laser light source tech which is developed by Appotronics. By the way, it is the same company that has developed the laser tech in almost 90 percent of China’s movie theaters.

To make this latest addition a more exciting yet fully integrated home theater, Xiaomi has added a built-in speaker system which makes Mi Laser Projector a one stop-solution for the audience. Well, in all honesty, the technology is not something new, but the cheap prices are putting it in a more favorable situation.

Feature image courtesy of: http://newatlas.com/